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International Association of Special Education

Fostering a Global Exchange of Ideas and Information

National Chair Program Co- Coordinators:

Dr. Carolyn Lindstrom, USA

Adjunct Professor, UMassGlobal

4380 Maple Ave, La Mesa, CA 91941

[email protected]

Sherwin Fraser, Ghana

Ph.D. Student

Department of Specialized Education Services

University of North Carolina Greensboro

1300 Spring Garden Street

Greensboro, NC


[email protected]Sherwin Fraser, Guyana

Newsletter Editors

Monerah N. Al-Dubayan

Doctoral Student, Special Education

College of Education | University of Maryland

[email protected]

Dr. Doreen N. Myrie

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Jackson State University

[email protected]

Journal Editor

Renata Ticha, Ph.D.

Research Associate

104 Pattee Hall

University of Minnesota

[email protected]

Membership Chair

Rachael Gonzales, Ed. D.

California State University

[email protected]

Volunteer Service Projects (VSP)

Iris Drower, Ph,D.

[email protected]

Volunteer Service Projects (VSP) Book Publication Chair

Virginia MacEntee, Ed.D

Professor Emertis

[email protected]



Website Administrator

Kalynn Hall Pistorio, Ed.D. BCBA-D

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Columbus State University

[email protected]

Scholarship Chair

Dr. Doreen N. Myrie, 

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Jackson State University

College of Education and Human Development

Jackson, MS

[email protected]

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