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International Association of Special Education

Fostering a Global Exchange of Ideas and Information

The Faculty of Education was established in 2003. The primary mission is to train and develop a high quality human resource for special education. The faculty also works as a research center. The photos below are from a July 2014 visit and the slideshow at the bottom is from a 2013 IASE visit with Dr. Brenda Lazarus. In addition the photos from the Early Intervention Centre were taken during a visit in 2019.

Early Intervention Center

A resource center began under the direction of Dr. Ha and expanded to an The Early Intervention program, designed by Dean Nga.

This was set up to provide education and support to young children who were identified to be at risk of developing behavioral or academic problems. Our current IASE membership chair during her visit modeled how executive function and self-regulation skills could be incorporated into lesson plans and in the implementation of behavior interventions.